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Hamali Harry offers a full range of moving services – carrying, moving, assembly, disassembly, and transportation.

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If you would like to have some more information about moving and carrying services, you can find it here. Immediately after the description of our services you may see our prices.


The preliminary viewing of the items to be moved is the first step in our work procedure; however, it is free and does not necessarily result in any commitment on your part..


Now it is not necessary to make real viewings, except for the cases when it is indispensable or at the explicit request of the customer.


In order to save our clients’ time for the first time in our field of business we offer online viewings carried out by means of photos or videos of the items subject to moving, which you can send to us through the provided form here.


If you think you prefer a real viewing or it is made indispensable due to any reasons, you can have a look at the manner we work :


The first step is to contact our representative by phone, e-mail or the provided contact form. Then together you may arrange a viewing on a date and time at your convenience. He will come to your place and insect the specifics of the items subject to transportation.


The preliminary viewing makes up a significant stage of our work process, as it allows us to think out in advance every detail in the process of moving your furniture, your home or office.


Getting to know your place makes it possible for us to find the optimal solution with respect to the following :

  • arrowthe necessary number of workers;

  • arrowthe type of packing the articles;

  • arrowthe type of transportation necessary to handle the moving;

  • arrowthe preparation of an offer with such a final price, that will suit you best and you remain satisfied with our services.



Packing and disassembly



The specific character of moving services takes into consideration two main points: packing of your items and disassembly of some of them. Based on our professional judgment we will disassembly any pieces of furniture and equipment which are not possible to be moved as a whole. According to our opinion, as well as at your explicit request we will partially or entirely pack the items subject to transportation and provide the packing materials necessary for that task, namely :


- cardboard boxes – any size

- sacks – made of sezal or thick nylon material

- wrapping paper – for your pots

- scotch tape – standard for the cardboard boxes and self-adhesive paper tape for the furniture

- stretch film – provides protection against scratching and soiling

- aeroplast fabrics – for furniture and equipment that require special cares


You may buy here all types of packing material in case you have decided to pack the items yourself.

Sale of cardboard boxes



Moving and transportation

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Moving services cover the process of taking the items already disassembled and packed down to the ground floor (lift availability is to be specified in advance).

Loading is carried out in company’s own closed transportation vehicles, which are suitable for the particular purpose.

We provide transportation, unloading and carrying of the items to the requested floor (lift availability is to be specified in advance).

We handle the unpacking and assembly of the pieces of furniture which have been disassembled, assistance in arranging, as well as removal of the waste packaging material.

At your request you may use only moving or only transportation services. We have at our disposal a team of professionals, a minivan and four dropping side cargo trucks, velter-insulated and specifically equipped for luggage carrying.


At the client’s request the goods may be insured, the terms are subject to negotiation.



If you need a particular single service, the prices are as follows :

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Cargo transportation :


Minivans with dimensions 2m x 2m x 4m, 15 to 18 m3 volume and loading capacity up to 1.8 t, within the area of Sofia – BGN 30 per hour (minimum an hour and a half) – BGN 45.


On the territory of the country the price is from BGN 0.70 per km to BGN 1.00 per km depending on the distance (the journey in both directions is charged), up to 100 km – the price is per hour or it is subject to negotiation.




Cargo tracks with dimensions 2.4m x 2.4m x 6m, 35 to 40 m3 and loading capacity of 4t – BGN 40 per hour (minimum an hour and a half) – BGN 60.


On the territory of the country the price is from BGN 1.00 per km to BGN 1.20 per km, depending on the distance (the journey in both directions is charged), up to 100 km – the price is per hour or it is subject to negotiation.


Moving services :


The price is based on the preliminary viewing.


The price for assembly, disassembly, packing and moving items up to 100 kg own weight may be determined per hour – from BGN 15 to 20 per hour per person. The price depends on the number of floors, the level of difficulty and other factors, according to the specific character of the task. The appointment should be with duration of at least 2 hours.


For loading-unloading works involving cargo trucks and TIR vehicles the prices is subject to negotiations.


Carrying and transportation which does not involve assembly, disassembly and packing (in case they are to be carried out by the clients themselves):


The price is determined after a preliminary viewing; however at the explicit request of the customer it may be determined at an hourly rate.


Carrying and transportation which involves disassembly, assembly, packing with our materials, delivery of cardboard boxes, etc.


The price is only determined after a preliminary viewing.


In the event that you cannot find here the information you are looking for or if you have any questions, it will be our pleasure to answer your inquiry by phone or e-mail or through the contact form provided on the Contact page.


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