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A job well done is the best reference for quality; here you can see what our clients think about us


References given by our clients:


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Name : Andrea Talev

Position : manager

Company : "Johnson Controls" EOOD


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Name : Mr. Asparuh Asparuhov

Position : Country Manager

Company : BENE


Bene started operating on the Bulgarian market in 2006. Then we started our cooperation with Hamali Harry.

Our partnership started with the construction of our first showroom in the building of Porsche Center – Sofia near the Airport. We were exclusively satisfied with the work of the team, a fact that underlay our future successful cooperation.

Our joint work involves moving and transportation of the full range of office furniture offered BENE to all our customers both within the city of Sofia and throughout the country.

In our opinion Hamali Harry has a team of adequately trained young employees experienced in loading-unloading works, as well as suitable transportation equipment. They implement the tasks with commitment and in an honest manner. They have always performed the delivery of our furniture within the specified quality terms and time limits.

Due to the job always well done and the overall excellent opinion we have with respect to Hamali Harry, it is a pleasure for us to recommend them to all potential customers.


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Name : Mr. Vladimir Ivanov

Position : Logistics Manager

Company : LIREX - Sofia


The companies under the auspices of Lirex are leading companies in the field of information and communication technologies.

Our joint work with Hamali Harry involves moving and transportation of IT equipment to different destinations within the country. The company provides services distinguished for their quality and punctuality. They guarantee the safety of the equipment involved.

Therefore, we recommend Hamali Harry as a reliable partner to everyone who needs loading-unloading and/or transportation services.


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Name : Ms. Katya Chardaklieva

Position : Manager

Company : Prestizh


Prestizh Company is a manufacturer of Bulgarian women’s and men’s underwear and women’s suits.

Our cooperation with Hamali Harry started in 2003. The company carries out regular transportation of sewing machines, unloading of fabrics and finished products. The company has always performed the services involving loading, unloading and transportation in a fast, precise and correct manner. The team includes young and adequately trained specialists.

The results we have achieved in the course of our cooperation may serve as an example of trust for all their future customers.


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Name : Ms. Petya Dimitrova

Position : Commercial Representative



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Name : Ms. Ivanka Angelova

Position : Sales Manager

Company : Smartcom-Bulgaria


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