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Online viewing – aimed at saving your time, involved in making views at the site

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Now using Internet resources and new technologies we can make the viewing on the basis of a number of photos which you should sent to us using our form.


This option will safe you precious time and will allow us to provide you with a price offer within a very short time.



How does the application for online viewing work :

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The only specific feature of our online form is the attachment of photos or video files.

  • arrow1. It is advisable that you prepare in advance a list of the items which are to be moved. To specify the floor and the availability of lift, as well as the final destination. You can send this information in a separate text file or in the space provided for messages in our contact form.

  • arrow2. You have to take photo of the items which are to be moved.

  • arrow3. You have to save the photos or video files on your computer.

  • arrow4. Fill in the form below.

  • arrow5. In order to send your photos or videos you have to click on the path to the photo and find it on your computer. Click on it and select Open.

  • arrow6. Our form provides space for 5 photos; however if it is not sufficient you can click on Add Photos and you will be able to attach 5 photos and/or one video file more.

  • arrow7. Click on Send button.

The better your photos are, the easier it will be for us to prepare the price offer. If we find the photos not sufficient, we will contact you through the details you have left in the form.



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Form for Contact:

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