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date : 07.01.2010


With serious social and financial cataclysms, the economic crisis put a mark on the year of 2009. Like in all economic spheres, the world financial crisis also affected the porter's and transport business in a negative way.

In this aspect, in spite of the fact that the year was heavy for all of us, I bravely state that Hamali Harry managed to avoid dismissing its workers and succeeded in preserving the numerical strength of the company.

Not only did we keep our customers, whom we regularly service, but we also managed to win the trust of new ones.

As part of our more serious tasks in the end of the previous year I can point out the moving of fire resistant safes owned by the Ministry of emergency situations, the delivery of domestic appliances and the moving out of the old ones from the embassy of Great Britain as well as the delivery of new furniture for the administration of Maritsa East 3 TPP – Galabovo.

And last but not least, I would like to point out our indisputably biggest errand assigned to us by Chimimport AD. For less than a month we took out all the old furniture from the building on Stefan Karadzha Street and transported it to the building of Energoproekt. We delivered and arranged the new office furniture of company Bene.

Wishing you a healthy, beneficial and successful 2010,

Harry Manolov, Manager




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