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Hamali-Harry present to your attention the sale of cardboard boxes and packing materials. Reliable packing belongings is an important element in any move, because thereby ensuring preservation of important items for you and documents.

If you wish we could pack your luggage in the most suitable for the purpose and amounts of packaging materials to ensure their preservation and ensuring optimum utilization of space.

If you are planning to move home or office alone, our company offers supply of packaging materials to the address you specify.

Our suggestions are as follows :

Cardboard boxes (three-ply) suitable for documentation, folders, binders A4 - size 42x32x35 cm - Price - 1.80 BGN / pc;.

Cardboard boxes (three-ply), suitable for any furniture, utensils and small-size objects 55x32x35 cm - price - 2,00 BGN / pc;.

Cardboard boxes (three-ply) for small items, folded clothes, blankets and more. - Sizes 60x40x40 cm - price - 2,50 BGN / pc;.

Cardboard boxes (three-ply), suitable for any furniture – Sizes 70х40х50 cm. – price – 3,00 BGN/ pc.;

Nylon sacks with high strength / 80 microns thick / suitable for clothing, blankets and more. Dimensions - cm 60/2x10/110 - 170 liters - price - 1,00 BGN / pc;.

Sezal sacks with high strength, suitable for any kind of heavier luggage. Dimensions – 60x95 cm - price - 1,00 BGN / pc;.

Stretch film - protects from dust and dirt - price - 10 BGN / roll;

Aeroplast - used for packing belongings and equipment requiring special attention or international removals protects against impact and injury. Price - 1.50 BGN / square meter;

Tape (Scotch) - width of 4 cm / brown - price - 2.00 BGN / roll;

Price for supply of above materials in the city of Sofia - BGN 10.

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