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We, at Hamali Harry have long standing traditions and year-long experience in the field of moving and transportation. We guarantee quick and efficient service. Our offers include:


  • -Complete home and office moving – providing boxes and other packaging materials, packing, disassembly and reassembly, carrying and transportation. All of this can be provided as part of a package deal or separately;

  • -Loading and unloading of trucks and containers;

  • -Transportation with trucks of various sizes;

  • -Transportation of safes, pianos and other heavy objects;

  • -Moving stored goods and equipment;

  • -Internal moving and adjustments according to customer wishes;

  • -Disassembly and reassembly of all kinds of furniture;

  • -Careful and thorough packing of all objects, furniture and appliances;

  • -Selling and delivering a wide array of boxes and other packaging materials;

  • -Disposing of unwanted furniture, appliances, etc.


We have flexible working hours and are available even on weekends and holidays. We are also available for express orders at any time, including holidays.

Since as far back as the distant year of 1998, Hamali Harry has provided maximum comfort and efficiency to its customers. Good organization, correctness and punctuality are our main prerogatives.        
We specialize in multifaceted moving services covering many kinds of property, transportation with specialized vehicles, assembly and disassembly of furniture, packing and unpacking of the transported property.

The Hamali Harry crew – our porters and drivers – are characterized by a personalized approach, correctness, punctuality and professionalism. You can see them in action here.
Our trucks are kept in excellent condition and are convenient for transportation in Sofia and the whole country. The company offers a wide variety of packing materials and boxes in various shapes and sizes. Boxes can also be manufactured to customer specification.  
We deliver the goods to an address specified by the customer.
Our clientele includes a host of companies and individuals. You can see some of our customers here. You can also see their opinions of us here.

Hamali Harry is among the founding members of the Bulgarian Movers Association and a member of the International Federation of the National Movers Associations.

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