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The clients list of Hamali Harry includes the following :

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The Ministry of emergency situations

Moving and transportation of four strong-boxes from "Sveta Nedelq" square to "Dianabad" quarter.






Moving their office equipment form Vitosha Blvd. and Balsha Street to Kukush Street, regular services and tasks related to local internal moving of items.


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Bulgarian Telecommunication Company

Unloading their new equipment at Stefan Karadzha Street and other regional branches.


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Bulgaria Air

Moving their offices, monthly carrying and transportation of the issues of Bulgaria Air, Highlights and Vagabond.


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Mall of Sofia

Moving their office and administration.




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For less than a month we took out all the old furniture from the building on Stefan Karadzha Street and transported it to the building of Energoproekt.


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Moving their office equipment from Yerusalim Blvd. to the TV Tower and unloading equipment in Station 74 in Mladost r.a.


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Air France

Moving their equipment from the old terminal to the new terminal of Sofia Airport.



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Ministry of Defense

Moving fireproof safe boxes.




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Moving and transportation of their office from Dondukov Blvd. to Strelbishte r.a.



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Moving and transportation of their equipment to different destinations within the country.



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Moving their office in 2007 from 34, Totleben Blvd. to 19B, Tsar Boris III Blvd. In 2008-2009 two tasks related to moving the company's office.



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Moving and transportation of office equipment from Chamkoria Street to Slatinska Street, new office equipment supply and assistance in local internal rearrangements.



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Moving and transportation of equipment to different destinations within the country.



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Computer 2000

Regular services and unloading of containers.



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Unloading of equipment and machinery in Mladost 1 and moving and transportation to different branches within the country.


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Auto Italy JSC

Moving and transportation of offices from Cherkovna Street, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. to EXPO Hotel.


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Bene-Austria Furniture Company

Moving and transportation of new office equipment for the company office and all their clients.


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Moving and transportation of office equipment and providing regular services.



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GFK Bulgaria

Moving their office with the area of 600 square meters from Kr. Safarov Street to Ekzarh Yosif Street for two days.



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York – Air-conditioning Equipment

Providing regular services. Unloading of containers and transportation of air-conditioning equipment to different destination.



WIZCOM – Software Company. Accelerated moving of 1000 square meters including office equipment, archive, fireproof safe boxes from Hr. Belchev Street to Chamkoria Street. The task was implemented within two days.


National Sports Base - complete moving and transportation of their property from Diana Sports Complex to Vasil Levski National Stadium.


Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies - moving and transportation of equipment from the warehouse at Bankya road to Kostinbrod.


Institute of Microbiology - complete moving of their property from Adam Miskevich Street to Bankya road, as well as assistance in local internal rearrangements.


The Embassy of India.


The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa.


The Embassy of Argentina.


The embassy of Great Britain.


Newton Group.






And over 11000 other moving tasks of private and corporate clients.



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