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We approach our clients with respect and therefore we have prepared a page with some advice with respect to moving services.

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Please, read carefully and follow our advice prior to the time our movers come and handle the moving of your household items, your home or office. We have prepared this page in order to provide some help and assistance. If you trust us, you will both save time and troubles and help us transport your property without any problems.

  • arrowMake a detailed list of items and furniture subject to moving;

  • arrowDispose of the items you do not need any more;

  • arrowGive a notice to your neighbours with respect to the date and time of your moving and the possibility that the lift will be occupied for some time;

  • arrowIf the moving involves permission for using the lift at the site, please provide it in advance.

  • arrowIf your place is difficult to be reached by our transport means, ensure parking space in advance.

  • arrowIf the items to be transported include a freezer or refrigerator, you should have emptied it 48 hours prior to the start of the transportation and it should also be defrosted and dried;

  • arrowThe items to be transported should not include any flammable substances, cleaning detergents, bleach, paint, sprays and ammunitions;

  • arrowYou should gather the fragile items and mark them as such. Thus our movers will know that they should handle these items with extreme care.

  • arrowThe moving and transportation of valuables, money in cash, important documents and jewelry is to be specified in advance due to the special care such transportation requires.



If you pack the items yourself :

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  • arrowFirst, acquire all necessary materials with adequate strength – cardboard boxes with different thickness; wide self-adhesive tape; stretch film; nylon; aeropalst; cord, wrapping paper and markers with different colours. We can also provide those materials at your request.

  • arrowStart packing a few days prior to the moving date. First pack the items you use most seldom.

  • arrowDo not pack flammable substances.

  • arrowIndicate the contents of each box on it.

  • arrowPictures, paintings and mirrors should be first packed in several paper layers and then placed in a flat box.

  • arrowYou can arrange the clothes with their hangers or fold them tightly in cardboard boxes.



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